You’ll Never Believe Who Kristin Wiig Is Playing On The New “Arrested Development” Netflix Season

Kristin Wiig is hands down one of the funniest women ever. And “Arrested Development” was one of the most hilarious (if underrated) television shows out there. So the idea of those two things somehow combining has me very excited.

Wiig signed up to appear on the Netflix-only season of the resurrected show a couple of months ago, but we weren’t sure what character she’d be playing. Until now…

Wiig will appear as young pre-kids Lucille Bluth! It makes perfect sense: She’s already had tons of practice playing a mildly drunk lady in both “Bridesmaids” and on “Saturday Night Live” (never forget her Franzia-swilling Kathie Lee Gifford impresh) We are so happy we’d do the Lindsay and Michael chicken dance, but we don’t want to disturb our coworkers. Other promised season guest stars include Seth Rogan, Conan O’Brien, Andy Richter, John Slattery, Terry Crews and Isla Fisher. [NYMag]