World’s Best/Worst Mom Hired Strippers For Her Son’s 16th Birthday Party

Sometimes I feel really bad for the shit that strippers have to deal with! A 16th birthday party filled with testosterone-laden horndogs is right on top of that list.

Two strippers in upstate New York were hired to perform at a bowling alley for teen boys and girls as young as 13. The awesome/terrible parent behind this birthday party is Judy Viger, 33, who hired the women to dance in a private room at the Spare Time Bowling Alley in South Glen Falls on November 3 for her son Reggie’s Sweet 16. According to an anonymous teenager at the fiesta who spoke to police, “The brunette said she was a little surprised at how young everyone was at the party. The blond didn’t seem to mind.”

Partygoers snapped cellphone photos of these thong-clad ladies from Tops In Bottoms doing stripper-y things things, like sitting upsidedown in kids’ laps with her crotch in his face. The birthday boy got his very own lap dance and a special birthday spanking. Like idiots, the guests (including relatives … ew)  posted these incriminating pics all over social media, where the not-cool mother of a 15-year-old at the party found the pics and not-coolly alerted the police. (Uh, that totally would have been my mom.) On Monday, Viger got arrested on for five counts of endangering the welfare of a child, as at least that many kids at the party were under 17 years old. Viger could face up to a year in the slammer if convicted. 

These poor strippers!  I wonder how long it took to wash off the reek of Axe Body Spray and Proactiv off their G-strings. Hope they got a good tip.

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