Boise Man Wins A Free Boob Job, Can’t Figure Out What To Do With It

It’s always uncomfortable to receive a gift you don’t want. You remember your childhood birthday parties. Just smile and say thanks for the Barbie you already have! Boise man, Andy Thompson, found himself in an extremely awkward position when he won a $3,000 voucher for breast augmentation surgery. For Mardi Gras, a local bar was giving the boob job away as a Fat Tuesday door prize, and Thompson was the lucky winner. When asked what he plans to do with his new pair of boobs, the 37-year-old joked “I was thinking about going with a C cup, but I think a small A is good for me.” But seriously, Thompson doesn’t know “what the plan is” for his unwanted prize since there are “so many good options.” 

Some of the options he’s considering are posting an ad on Craigslist, giving them to a platonic female friend, or arranging some kind of breast cancer awareness raffle and donating them to a mastectomy survivor. Ironically, Thompson says his ex-wife really wanted implants. “My ex-wife, who just left me in November, she always wanted a boob job … She’s always thought she needed one, but I was like, ‘Your boobs are fine, sweetie.’”

The world is a strange and mysterious place. I hope Thompson finds the right chest for his prize. [Boise Weekly]