“The Bachelor” Recap: Get Psyched, It’s Time For Hometown Dates!

ABC must know they need to up the ante now that this season of “The Bachelor” is less Tierrable, because they’ve double-downed with two episodes this week. This first was a regular episode which aired last night featuring the four hometown dates (recap coming up after the jump). The second is a “Sean Tells All” special airing tonight. Why does SEAN get to tell all for an hour while no previous Bach has ever been given the same opportunity? You know who deserves a Tell All episode? Tierra’s eyebrow. You know that bitch has stories. Eh, whatever, you know I’ll be watching. After the jump, I’ll recap last night’s shenanigans, and reveal with woman was sent home.

First up, Sean visits AshLee in her hometown of Houston, Texas, where he meets her adorable Yorkie and her equally as adorable parents, Deborah and Bruce, who adopted AshLee when she was young. Last week, AshLee told Sean that she loves him, which she shares with her parents, as they have lunch. Is it just me or is that tablecloth rather Jah Rastafari? Anyway. AshLee is probably my favorite of the women for Sean, though I have some concerns about their long-term compatibility. AshLee is someone who has been through a lot in her life: spent her younger years in multiple foster homes, was eventually adopted but seemingly rebelled as a teen and had a young marriage that ended in divorce. Sean’s life, as far as we can tell based on what he’s revealed in two seasons of this show, has been smooth sailing. I have to wonder if his lack of personal struggle will ultimately make it hard for them to relate to each other on a deeper, more complex level. Just a thought.

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Anyway, rose ceremony time. Sean makes it clear that he knows he’s giving roses to Lindsay and AshLee, but he’s conflicted about Des and Catherine. Before he hands out the first rose, Des asks to talk to him quickly, and apologizes for her brother’s behavior. She’s obviously scared that he’s going to cut her loose because of it. She should be. Cstherine, meanwhile, is worried that because she didn’t grab a chance to talk to Sean like Des that she’ll be going home. Well, turns out Desiree’s creepy brother is far scarier than Catherine’s two sisters, because he sends Des home. Des is torn up, telling Sean over and over that he’s making a mistake, and he makes it obvious he’s not even sure about his decision either. And I wonder how Catherine feels, knowing he was so unsure about choosing her?

I have a feeling this is not the last we’ll see of Des, as previews of the finale suggest someone comes back to ask Sean to reconsider. We’ll see if Sean explains his decision about Des in further detail when he reveals ALL (i.e. probs not much) tonight.