Enter The Wonderful Lady-Vlogger World Of Wonderly

I get about three hundred press releases a day from publicists trying to sell any manner of lingerie, odor protector and feminine itch project (you’re jealz, aren’t you?). Most of the time, I read the subject line and hit delete, but something made me want to click when I got a message about Wonderly. In their words, Wonderly is “a place for innovative, female creators and audiences to meet, collaborate, and celebrate each other’s creations.” Acting as a sort of curation and development center for female video talent, Wonderly aims to offer the best of the best in new voices and series. And here’s why I’m impressed: this culled group of lady vloggers seems way more interested in dissecting the issues and sharing their book hauls than with tearing down one another. Plus, they’re now partnered up with the online series Squaresville, which is a deeply funny (and slightly Canadian-seeming) web series about two hilarious off-beat BFFs. One caveat — it would be really great to see more women of color represented on their roster (it’s rather whit), and hopefully as the site grows we’ll begin to see a greater variety of voices. But since it’s their first day, I’ll cut them a bit of slack  [Wonderly]