Be My Boyfriend: Rutherford Chang Has Nearly 700 Copies Of The Beatles’ The White Album

Dear Rutherford,

I heard you’re a Beatles fan, which is great. I mean, I guess that takes care of that difficult “are you a Beatles or a Rolling Stones fan” discussion. In fact, you might be the biggest Beatles fan, owing to your obsessive collecting and cataloging of their records. Specifically The White Album. It seems you’ve got — how many now? — 693 copies of the iconic record, and plan to keep on collecting.

Why The White Album? Aside from it being really, really ridiculously good, you say that you’re “most interested in the albums as objects and observing how they have aged. So for me, a Beatles album with an all white cover is perfect.” But not only do you love the aesthetic, you also love the music. So while your collection is on display at New York gallery Recess, you’ll be playing The White Album. Nonstop.

“I’m listening to and recording the albums and documenting the covers,” you explained. “The albums I listen to get put up on the ‘staff pick’  wall. At the end of the exhibition, I will press a new double-LP made from all the recordings layered upon each other. It will be like playing a few hundred copies of The White Album at once, each scratched and warped in its own way.” Truly genius, Rutherford. Maybe I can come listen with you?

I am the walrus,
[Dust and Grooves]