15 Memorable Menstruation Moments In Pop Culture

I originally planned to make this a list of the best menstruation moments in pop culture, but quickly discovered that Hollywood in particular does not have a very positive track record when it comes to tackling the crimson wave in movies and TV. Books and music have done a little better, but for the most part, periods have been portrayed either as something to be revolted by or feared, or for over-the-top comedic effect. So, instead this list evolved in the most memorable menstruation moments in movies, music, books and on TV, for better or worse. I know that there are others I didn’t include, so share any additional memorable period references in pop culture in the comments!

1. “Carrie”

In the classic film based on Stephen King’s book, Carrie (played by Sissy Spacek) discovers that getting your period kind of sucks — not because of the cramps and the bloating, but because your classmates will throw menstrual products at you in the shower and your mom will lock you in a closet for hours! Thankfully, my first period was a breeze compared to this.

2. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume

Most girls learn about their menstruation before they get their first period, thanks to an awkward heart-to-heart with mom and this classic young adult novel by Judy Blume. Like Margaret, I eagerly anticipated the arrival of my first period. I was sure it would make me cool.

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15. “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

When a Girl Scout comes to Larry’s door to sell him cookies, she suddenly gets her period and has to use Larry’s bathroom. Awkward hilarity ensues as Larry instructs her, through the door, on how to use her first tampon.