“Blind Gate” Is The Live Airport Dating Show I’ve Been Waiting For All My Life

UK TV and cruising for dates at the airport? Sounds like a perfect match to me. On Valentine’s Day, Air New Zealand hosted a live airport dating show at London Heathrow Airport. In “Blind Gate,” singles competed to win a romantic weekend in Los Angeles via Air New Zealand’s Cuddle Class Economy Skycouch seats. I realize that this was a one-time publicity stunt to promote Air New Zealand’s London to LA flight, but I think they stumbled onto dating show gold. This needs to be a regular series.

I might have been the only person who watched A&E’s “Airline,” a reality show about the goings on at Southwest Airlines, but I found it riveting. And I still consider “Blind Date” one of the most brilliant reality shows ever made. I believe that these two concepts combined would blow the lid off TV. I’m thinking, couples meet for the first time at the gate and their “date” is to sit through a cross-country flight together. I mean, what better way to find out if you’re compatible with someone than to travel with them? Then, when they land they have to decide if they want to continue their weekend getaway together or fly back home. On separate flights, obviously. I’d watch that. Hell, I’d audition to be on that.

Airports are great places to meet people. I’ve met a few guys while traveling that I’ve ended up going on actual dates with. One even ran across the airport and almost missed his flight to buy me a latte. It was very romantic. Too bad our out-of-airport date didn’t go as well. He tried to pull out my chair and I almost fell. Things weren’t looking so good after that. I liked him better when he had a flight to catch. [Digital Spy]