Adorable 89-Year-Old Grandpa Confesses Been Writing Romances Novels Under A Girly Pseudonym

Sometimes when I’m reading stories on, I feel like I can tell when a man has written a story and given himself a woman’s pseudonym. Some stories are just … different. They sound overly porn-y, involving words like pounding and ramming, and clearly what some horny dude thinks a woman’s experience of sex might be like. I think to myself, I see through your pseudonym, “Ashleigh St. Pierre!”

But Brits, of course, are a little more subtle. That must be why no one figured out that the romance novelist “Jessica Blair” was actually an 89-year-old grandpa and military veteran named Bill Spence.

Spence, who looks disconcertingly similar to my father, wrote 22 bodice-rippers under his naughty nom-de-plume, including Silence Of The Snow, which debuted earlier this month. Most of the books seem to be about headstrong daughters who fall for rich men, or unsuitable men, and disobey their fathers by marrying them; many of the books are set during wartime or in maritime locations.

Like a true starving artist, Spence explained to the UK’s Daily Mail that he had no problem assuming a feminine name for publication: “You do not say no to publishers. I was just very glad I had found someone who wanted to print my books, and it didn’t bother me at all that I’d been given a female name.” He said he is able to write the books because he can “think in a female way.” Apparently he’s been quite successful at guessing what turns women on enough to get them to turn the page.

Hmm, maybe he can give those LitErotica guys some tips?

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