Woman Dies After Late-Term Abortion, Anti-Choice Protesters Leak Her Name & Private Medical Info

I’m warning you, it’s hard not to read this story without getting enraged.

Last week, a 29-year-old kindergarten teacher from New York went down to Germantown, Pennsylvania Maryland, to terminate her pregnancy at 33-weeks. She was married and fully enthusiastic about having a baby, according to the Washington Post, which says she had a Pinterest board filled with baby items and a baby registry. But tragically, earlier this month, the woman instead found herself getting a late-term abortion at Germantown’s Women’s Reproductive Center clinic.

The abortion was a multi-day procedure, requiring her to stay in a hotel nearby. At some point during the procedure, she was taken to the ER of a local hospital, where she died the next day. Her death is currently under investigation by the state of Maryland.

This story is sad enough as it is. But the absolutely enraging part is that anti-abortion protesters have now been protesting outside the Germantown clinic revealing the woman’s name, where she worked, showing her photos, and sharing confidential details about her medical procedures which were revealed by “anonymous sources.”

That’s so fucked up.

Columnist Petula Dvorak has written a stellar piece about this tragedy in a Washington Post column, speculating that someone at the hospital leaked the late woman’s medical records to the anti-abortion protesters.  The executive director of Maryland Coalition For Life Michael Martinelli wouldn’t reveal “our sources,” calling them “confidential and anonymous.”  The hospital is bound by medical privacy laws to not confirm anything about whether the woman was at the hospital and therefore cannot answer press questions about a potential leak. (The woman’s family confirmed they did not leak any information.)

That person/people should be fired and thrown in prison. And these anti-abortion protesters are just the worst. WHO THE FUCK thinks it’s okay to do this to the grieving family? If the late woman’s family wanted to turn her death into an anti-abortion cause, they could do it themselves. Instead, anti-abortion activists who care more about “saving babies” than not being cruel to real, live women and men took it upon themselves to cause this family even more pain.  

Clearly these anti-abortion activists think they’re underscoring a point about how late-term abortions are dangerous. (Ergo criminalize them! So more women don’t die!) It’s true that compared to earlier-term abortions, they are less safe. But they are also heavily regulated, extremely rare and most often performed in the case of fetal abnormalities which appear late in pregnancy. They seem pretty damn sure of themselves that whatever tragic health circumstance that befell this woman so late in her pregnancy would not have killed or maimed her and it was all the abortion clinic’s fault that she died.

Martinelli told the Post the anti-choicers are having these protests because they see the woman and her family as victims of “the abortion industry.” They’re all too happy to paint women who choose to terminate pregnancies as boobs who’ve been taken in by a bunch of quacks.

What they need to do is look in the mirror themselves and realize they are the only ones victimizing anyone here.

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