Why Are People Shocked That A Pretty, Blonde, 16-Year-Old Girl Is A Genius?

There’s a plot for a romantic comedy in here somewhere: a 16-year-old British girl named Lauren Marbe has scored 161 on a MENSA test, ranking her intelligence higher than Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Albert Einstein. But people are shocked — shocked! — at Lauren Marbe’s genius intelligence because she’s a blonde girl from Essex (which is apparently the Seaside Heights of Britain) who loves fake tanning, getting manis, and reality TV.

In the Telegraph’s article about Lauren Marbe’s achievement, everyone from her school to her parents express surprise — albeit happy surprise — that she’s not as “dim” as all the other fake-tanned blondes in Essex. Which is nice because stupid people are bad, I guess? But I couldn’t help but feel like this article celebrated one young woman’s gifts while at the same time insulting many others.

[Telegraph UK]

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