What Are You Eating For Sexfast?

Here I thought I had breakfast covered, eating Mesa Sunrise and almond milk every morning. I’ve even been sprinkling chia seeds on it for extra antioxidants and dietary fiber. But apparently, I haven’t been considering my libido enough when deciding what to eat.

SexCereal is the world’s first gender-based cereal. The female blend supports hormonal balance and desire while the male blend supports testosterone production. Both versions of the breakfast granola contain 12 ingredients including pumpkin seeds, goji berries, chia seeds, Omega 3-fatty acids, dried camu camu, an Amazonian fruit rich in Vitamin C, and maca powder, derived from a Peruvian herb believed to have stimulating effects on the libido.

SexCereal’s creator, former Star columnist Peter Ehrlich, came up with the idea by accident when he stumbled into a vegan food fair in Toronto.“When you’re a single dad, you believe that whatever door you walk into, your potential wife is on the other side,” he said. While perusing for food and potential wives, he saw a “strikingly beautiful woman with a blonde bouffant, peddling a gluten-free cereal, in pink packaging, called Girlnola.” The two never wed — or even spoke, but she gave him the idea to connect sensuality to a health food product.

Although some people have eaten SexCereal and claimed they definitely felt like they wanted to have sex,  Ehrlich believes the purpose of the granola is to “point the way” to long-term sexual health. “If you have a bowl of my cereal, you’re not going to get an erection in 20 minutes,” he said.

Well, phew. Because that would be a bummer to eat SexCereal and have to rush off to work. Maybe it’s more of a weekend breakfast.

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