“The Women Of L.A.” Is Offensive To Women, L.A., The World

Get a load of this new “comedy music video” from some guy named DJ Lubel. It features a cornucopia of has-beens and never-weres, singing a rather mysogynist and racist song about how the women of Los Angeles never put out. It’s really, really charming. I mean, the video starts off with a guy telling his friends that he once got laid by “telling the bitch I was Chris Brown,” and then it goes downhill — yes, downhill — from there.

I understand that I am about to sew the badge of Humorless Feminist onto my Girl Scout sash — and I am no huge L.A. proponent (I don’t get how it qualifies as a city when you have to drive everywhere) — but seriously? We have Lubel going neighborhood by neighborhood, explaining what’s wrong with all of the women in Los Angeles. And here’s what’s really, really fucking annoying about this DJ Lubel character: he couches all of this hatred for women under the guise of making fun of himself for being so lame. As if one excuses the other. Oh yes, DJ Lubel, you do bear more than a passing resemblance to Andy Dick, but that’s not why girls don’t want to sleep with you. Girls don’t want to sleep with you because you clearly hate women.

And then there’s the charmingly racist part of the video, where he takes down Persian women for smelling like too much perfume and being hairy. Or the part where he uses overweight women as comedic props. Or the part where he parodies Rent to talk about how 525,600 women have rejected him and prevented him from “getting pussy.” Rent is a musical about AIDS.

And also, L.A. guys? Some of you kind of suck, too. [YouTube]