Sports Illustrated’s Kate Upton Cover Is Straight-Up Sadistic

  • Sports Illustrated thinks it is no biggie that Kate Upton nearly got hypothermia posing in a bikini in Antarctica (yes, seriously), BECAUSE BOOBS. [Slate]
  • For yesterday’s V-Day and One Billion Rising campaigns, feminist activists installed a temporary memorial to rape survivors on the Washington Mall in the reflecting pool. Check out a heartbreaking pic at the link. [Bitch Magazine]
  • Meet Zora Ball, age 7, of Philadelphia who coded her very own computer game. Color me impressed! [Smithsonian Mag]
  • Why some Muslim women in the United States struggle to seek for help from domestic violence. [Sioux City Journal]
  • The Violence Against Women Act, which passed the Senate this week, included anti-human trafficking legislation. [Women’s Media Center]
  • Also, why would anyone — like these 22 chuckleheads — oppose the Violence Against Women Act? [The Atlantic]
  • The founder of eHarmony thinks $10 million needs to be invested into figuring out how gay people think about love. [Black Book Mag]
  • On the media’s hero-worshipping coverage of Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius, who was accused yesterday of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. [The Nation, Think Progress]
  • Fox News anchors mocked Desiline Victor, a 102-year-old woman who waited in line three hours to vote. In case you forgot they are awful. [Madame Noire]
  • Check out Lauren Rojas of California, a 7th grade girl who launched a Hello Kitty doll into space as part of a science project. (Thanks to commenter @AndreaGrimes for the link!) []


  • Nigerian pop singer “Goldie,” AKA Susan Oluwabimpe Harvey, died in Africa at 31 after attending the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. [BBC]
  • An Islamic school in Adelaide, Australia, has asked its non-Muslim female staff members to wear headscarves at work. [SBS AU]
  • Iraq held a beauty showcase for makeup artists and hairdressers, who have been targeted by religious extremists for their work. [France 24]
  • Amanda Lindhout, a journalist who was kidnapped, raped and tortured in Somalia, spoke out yesterday during a Canadian event for the One Billion Rising campaign. [Calgary Herald]

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