Sean Fury’s “Bi-Racial” May Be The Most Unintentionally Offensive Music Video Of All Time

I can’t decide what the worst thing about Sean Fury’s “Bi-Racial” music video is. The lyrics (She’s a biracial girl … she’s thinks the world’s gone mad, that she has to choose one side…), Sean’s bad breakdancing moves, his sweater, his earnestness or the acting. I think the acting wins! Presumably that “tug of war” scene (at 1:50)  is meant to represent the biracial girl feeling pulled between the two parts of herself. I don’t know, I’m just riffing here. I believe that Sean Fury had nothing but the best intentions with this song, but I don’t think he realizes that issues of identity can’t be remedied with a hug. I think we could all use a hug after watching this. [YouTube]