Oscar Pistorius Accused Of Premeditated Murder

  • Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius sobbed in court today as prosecutors accused him of planning to murder his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, 30, whom he allegedly shot four times yesterday morning in his home. Former girlfriends and mothers of ex-girlfriends have been weighing in with the press, painting a disconcerting picture of Pistorius. [Sky News, NYmag.com Daily Intel]
  • PETA is claiming that ABC won’t air a commercial starring Joaquin Phoenix simulating drowning (you know, like a fish on land) during the Oscars because it’s too controversial. [AdWeek]
  • This Russian video of a meteorite landing is pretty badass! [ANIMAL]

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  • Mariah Carey’s Valentine’s Day looked exactly what you’d expect it to look like … [World Of Wonder]
  • … and hipsters spent Valentine’s Day making paper Valentines for buildings about to be demolished, because of course they did … [Curbed]
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  • This dude turned his living room into a large-scale “Star Wars” diorama. [Oddity Central]
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[Photo: Splash News]

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