Here’s That Fall 2013 Marc Jacobs Collection You’ve Been Missing

Is Marc Jacobs asleep at the wheel? Maybe not, but he certainly was feeling sleepy. That’s what we’ve surmised by going through his pajama-themed Fall 2013 collection. After being cancelled last week thanks to a non-fashion-loving blizzard, the show finally went on last night.

You know how you’ve been seeing a lot of pajama blouses lately? Apparently Marc decided to imitate not innovate, and sent plenty sleepwear inspired pieces down the runway.  He paired them with sharp pencil skirts and over-sized coats in a collection that recalled Daniel Vosovic’s “Project Runway” pieces.

Then there was the “will never look good on anyone” capri-length purple sparkle jumpsuit. called the collection “stripped down and irony-free” but you really can’t expect me to take that jumpsuit seriously.

Did we like the collection? Overall, definitely. Will we be able to afford the collection? Not on your life.