Want To Make Equal Pay For Equal Work? Don’t Become An Insurance Agent

The wage gap has closed somewhat in a lot of industries, but when it comes to insurance agents, forget it. In a new study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, insurance sales agents were ranked first when it comes to unequal pay between men and women. Women typically make $.62 cents for every male dollar owned. Other crappy fields when it comes to the wage gap? Real estate agents, marketing and sales managers, doctors (!) and retail workers.

But if you want to make an equal wage? Become a security guard, social worker or pharmacist. And if you want a field where you’re likely to actually make more money than your male counterparts, try becoming a counselor or health technician. Counselors make $1.02 for every male dollar, and technicians $1.03. ‘

The bureau specifies that some of the gap has to do with personal career decisions men and women tend to make. Women doctors tend to choose lower paying specialties than their male colleagues.

And don’t get too excited that women are making more money in a couple of fields. Overall the wage gap is more extreme in fields that make more money, and smaller in fields where the overall pay rate is lower. To wit, where the gap is biggest, weekly pay averages $1,087. Where it’s smallest, $773. [NPR]