These Us Weekly “Mini-Me” Photos Make Me Squirmy

Hey, I’m not telling Us Weekly how to live its life, but holy crap do these mini-me children-dressed-as-Grammy winners creep me out. First off, I am super not cool with the idea of little kids dressing up as people whose reputations are built on their sexiness. Second, they gave one little boy fake facial hair so he could look like Sean Paul. What is that about?

The Us photos are part of a larger project called Toddlewood, by photographer Tricia Messeroux. According to her Tumblr, this is part of  “the hottest photography project featuring the who’s who in Hollywood and politics but in a smaller more irresistible package.”

I’m not saying that these pictures are pornographic, per se, but they are definitely odd, and a tad bit suggestive if you ask me. Having a child dress in a replica of Taylor Swift’s plunging white gown seems like a totally unnecessary and uncomfortable exercise. Plus, this kind of thing promotes the worship of Hollywood and pop culture to a totally vulnerable audience. Maybe teach them to model people who are celebrated for their smarts and skills than for their ability to autotune their vocals or hire the hottest producer? It’s not bad to want to be a talented singer or artist, but it’s probably more important to figure out who you are first.

Check out a few more of the creepy shots below. [Us Weekly]

Rihanna, who is yeah, ha, not a great role model.

Sean Paul. Note the faux facial hair they’ve put on that child.

Kelly Osbourne. I am super uncomf with a little kid wearing a dress with side cut outs.