Pregnant Mexican Girl Is Older Than Previously Thought, Outfitted With Birth Control From Doctors

  • Recently it was reported that a nine-year-old girl had given birth in Mexico. Now her parents are claiming she is 12- or 13-years-old, which is still horrific, and that she was impregnated by her 44-year-old stepfather, not a 17-year-old neighbor as originally reported. But perhaps what’s most offensive about this story is that doctors at the hospital where the girl delivered a baby via C-section is that they inserted an IUD the birth control implant “to avoid another pregnancy.” The way this story is phrased by ABC News: “Doctor Raymundo Serrano, chief of gynecology at Zoquipan Hospital, and his team decided to insert a contraceptive implant to avoid another pregnancy.” He and his team decided? That should be the girl’s decision and only hers. Also, nothing against teens having access to birth control, but in this case the girl was not sexually active with her 44-year-old stepfather — she was raped by him.  What are doctors suggesting here? We can’t just go putting IUDs in giving birth control all young women so that they don’t get impregnated if they are raped. (Thank you to commenter @ReginaRey for the link.) [Update: This post has been corrected — the IUD is inserted in the uterus, while the birth control implant, which is what these doctors used, is implanted in the skin.] [ABC News]
  • In happier news, Illinois’ state Senate has advanced the same-sex marriage bill! It is now headed to the Illinois House of Representatives. [Queerty]

  • In other IUD news, it’s the most effective form of birth control but parents are really uncomfortable outfitting their daughters with one. [Think Progress]
  • Twenty-one states will soon ban insurance coverage of abortion. Here’s a depressing map. [Feministing]
  • writer Tracy Clark-Flory on why President Obama needs to stop constantly refer to women as “wives and moms” in his speeches and instead refer to us as just what we are: women. [Salon]
  • Good news: college health plans are not taking into account the needs of transgender students. [New York Times]
  • Hitched columnist Andrea Grimes on a new law introduced in Texas that could get rid of all but five abortion providers in the state. [Reproductive Health Reality Check]
  • A Los Angeles Times article about trans sex workers has rankled the LGBTQ community for the language it used reporting on trans folks, such as “male hookers dressed as women” and “men with women’s breasts and clothes.” [Transgriot]
  • Interns at a Tea Party conservative superPAC made a fake sex tape of a panda performing oral sex on Hillary Clinton. I don’t even know where to start with this one. [Feministing]
  • American nuns hope the new pope embraces their cuh-razy radical feminist ideals. [Daily Beast]
  • LGBT Health, a new peer-reviewed, LGBT-specific health journal, will launch in fall 2013. [Ms. Magazine]
  • Some feminist activist ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day. [Everyday Feminism]
  • Not everyone is so gung ho on One Billion Rising, the day of action to protest violence against women created by Eve Ensler as part of the V-Day campaign. [Huffington Post] 


  • Meet the Egyptian feminist who was kidnapped for posing nude. [VICE]
  • On how India’s female taxi drivers handle the sexism and danger. [BBC]
  • A British MP tweeted one of his coworkers was “looking a bit thin” and wondered whether it was “a new diet.” Sigh. [Huffington Post UK]
  • A new blog called Madam Premier is documenting sexist remarks made against female premiers in Canadian government. [Vancouver Sun]

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