10 Random Things I Love Right Now

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Since today is a day to celebrate love in all forms, I thought I’d take the opportunity to make a list of 10 random things I love right now, from shapewear to lipstick to Louisiana folk rock. Check out my lovefest after the jump, and please feel free to share your own random love lists in the comments!

1. Using a pen and paper. Yesterday afternoon I was feeling braindead and sick of staring at the computer, so I grabbed a notebook and a pen, relocated to a coffee shop downtown, put my headphones in, and wrote out this list freehand. My handwriting was atrocious, but it was so refreshing to write in a slower, more tactile way, crossing out phrases I didn’t like and doodling in the margins when I got distracted. From now on, I’m going to try to do more writing–especially essays–the old fashioned way: with a pen and paper.

2. My new blue toggle coat. Yes, I’m still bragging about it, and I’m only kind of sorry. I just love it so much. It’s perfect.

3. Brother Dege. I first heard the amazing song “Too Old To Die Young” in the movie “Django Unchained” (thanks, Quentin!), and immediately looked it up on Spotify to see who the artist was. Turns out it’s a Lousiana blues-rocker who calls himself “Brother Dege,” and his penchant for loud, crunchy riffs and thumping bass drums immediately earned him a spot on my list of top fave artists. When I professed my love for his music on Twitter, he responded with “Why?”–he genuinely wanted to know what it was about his songs that I felt connected to–and we had a 140-character convo about the power of riffs. If you like blues/rock/country/folk jams, please check him out!

4. The “Walden” filter on Instagram. As much as I can appreciate Amaro’s zit-disappearing abilities and Toaster’s retro charms, the bright, sunny, colorful Walden will always be the Instagram filter of my heart. I love how it makes everyday life moments look so much brighter and more fun.

5. Disaster documentaries. Maybe it’s because I grew up with a father who was really into worst case scenarios (I remember once when I was like 6, I accidentally saw part of a PBS show about the ebola outbreak in Africa, and I got so freaked out, I started crying and asked my dad if ebola was going to come to America. His response? “It’s just a matter of time.”), but I am completely obsessed with documentaries about mega tsunamis, super twisters, and the inevitable day 6 billion years from now when the sun will collapse and vaporize the earth. They’re kind of like terrifying comfort food for me. I should probably talk to my therapist about this, huh?

6. Getting my eyelashes tinted. As I’ve mentioned a billion times, I have super blonde, stick-straight, almost invisible eyelashes. I’ve been tinting my blonde eyebrows for years, but I recently started getting my lashes tinted too, and I’m totally in love with the results. It’s quick and painless and gives me darker, thicker-looking lashes in about 15 minutes. If you’re in Portland and want to give it a try, call my friend (and Frisky hair guru) Aileen at Spa Willamina. She’s the best.

7. Yummie Tummie Panties. Looking for a kinder, gentler, cuter alternative to Spanx? I’m loving Yummie Tummie panties, which smooth and shape beautifully without smashing any of your internal organs. They even have have an inspirational message printed on the inside, which is kind of weird and unnecessary, but also kind of cute.

8. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in “Damned.” When the sun comes out again I’ll be going back to my perky pink lipsticks, but for now, this vampy, matte, merlot-colored lip pencil is perfect.

9. Not being Tim McGraw. A couple weeks ago I bought a People magazine to read on a flight. The cover story was about Tim McGraw and how he got “Sexy and Sober at 45!” I thought, Good for you, Tim!, until I found out that his new sober lifestyle includes working out FOUR HOURS A DAY and only eating salmon. Then I got really bummed out about Tim McGraw and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Like, whenever I’m eating something delicious that isn’t salmon, I think, Awww, Tim McGraw couldn’t enjoy this with me (I’m not sure why I would ever have a reason to share my sandwich with Tim McGraw, but that’s not the point). This feeling of sadness is immediately followed by a wave of gratitude about the fact that I’m not Tim McGraw, so I can keep working out for 30 minutes a day and eating pretty much whatever. Phew!

10. Getting rid of shit. In my continuing quest to be more like those minimalist Danish people on “Oprah,” I’ve been trying to keep less stuff around the house. Last week my boyfriend and I sold a bunch of books and pretty much all our DVDs. It was tough to say goodbye to “Newlyweds” seasons 1 & 2, but it felt so good to clear out some space and make some extra money.

Now it’s your turn! What are you loving right now?