Today In WTF: Megan Elizabeth Thode Is Suing Lehigh University For Giving Her A C+

Megan Elizabeth Thode (pictured) is suing Lehigh University for getting a C+ in one of her graduate classes — a C+ that she claims has prevented her from getting a job. Thode — who attended the university tuition-free, because her father is a professor at the school — graduated in 2009. But she wants $1.3 million in what she claims are lost wages thanks to that C+.


Thode, now 27, received the C+ in her fieldwork course, a course required of all masters in counseling and human services students. She needed a B in order to qualify in the course and finish her degree, but received a C+ instead.

Thode says professor Amanda Carr graded her low not for her performance (Thode received a 0 for class participation), but because Thode is a proponent of gay and lesbian rights. (Double what?) But Carr countered, via her lawyers, that Thode’s claims were unfounded, and that she in fact had a close family member who is a lesbian and has counseled many LBGT students. Thode also claims that she received the low mark because she complained to the program director about the internship requirement. Get your story straight, Thode!

Thode currently works as a drug and alcohol counselor, after switching courses and getting a masters in human development. She’s adamant that if she had passed the course and gotten her masters she would have made scads more money. Oh, honey. Maybe it’s the degree, but maybe it’s just you. [Daily Mail UK]