“The Bachelor” Recap: Tierra Will Not Lose Her Sparkle!

We have reached a pivotal moment in every “Bachelor” series — it’s time for our lovelorn hunk to choose which four women will get to take him home to meet their families. Bachelor Bronze Sean Lowe has so whittled down his potential wives to six women: AshLee, Catherine, Dez, Lesley, Lindsay and Tierra. At this point, it’s hard for me to imagine which two girls Sean could possibly let go of, since he has off-the-walls chemistry with all of them, including the loathsome Tierra. Let’s see how he manages such an arduous task…

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Sean comes to grab Tierra so he can bring her to meet Shay, and finds Miss Sparkle in a puddle of tears. Tierra is obviously looking to pull the same sympathy card she’s been using since day one, but she goes a bit overboard this time and Sean finally catches on that she is totally unstable, though he seems to feel sorry for her, as opposed to seeing her for the conniving villain she really is. Regardless, it’s been made abundantly clear to him that Tierra is not meant to be his wife — and he sends her home. She leaves without saying goodbye to the other women and they have no idea what happened to her either.

The women are anxiously awaiting Sean’s arrival at the cocktail party, wondering if Tierra is off with him. AshLee is worried that Tierra might have convinced Sean that she was the drama starter in the house and that she’ll be sent home. Sean gives her good reason to feel that way — when he arrives, he explains that Tierra went home, that he’s not interested in drama, and that his mind is already made up about who else won’t be getting a rose tonight. AshLee is freaking out. One by one, Sean gives out the remaining three roses (since Lindsay already has hers). First, Dez. Then, Catherine. Finally, the final rose. It goes to … AshLee.

Lesley, who couldn’t say I love you “yet,” is sent home. She’s upset, but not nearly as upset as Catherine, who admits that Lesley has more in common with Sean than she does, and Lesley’s departure leaves her confused about what Sean wants. I, on the other hand, am left confused about Catherine wants. If she thinks Sean and Lesley would be better together, why the hell is she still around? Color me confused.

Oh, and allow me to be the first to say, LESLEY FOR “BACHELORETTE”!!!