Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Don’t Wait In Line At Airport Security Like The Rest Of Us

  • John F. Kennedy International Airport is in trubs for allegedly letting Kim Kardashian and Kanye West skip the line in security. Well she is pregnant. And was probably wearing stupid heels, right? Right? []
  • The world’s “ugliest woman,” whose entire body was covered in fur and was called a “bear woman” by her husband, has been laid to rest 153 years after her death. [Newser]
  • Heh heh, so we all might get hit by an asteroid on Friday? What’s that about? I didn’t even sleep with Clive Owen yet! [Vanity Fair]
  • “Arrested Development” Valentine’s Day cards? Obviously. [FlavorWire]
  • Fourteen great-but-slightly-creepy moments in bathtub videos. [VH1]
  • On the 10 commandments of being an indie band. [Daily Swarm]
  • ICYMI: Tegan and Sara performed “Closer” on Ellen DeGenere’s talk show and it was the most lesbionic moment in television ever. [Idolator]
  • Here’s the trailer for Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn’s new comedy, “The Internship.” What do we think? [Splitsider]

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