“The Walking Dead” Recap: Rick Continues To Lose His Marbles & Andrea Still Sucks

Thank god, Sunday nights have finally got more gratuitously violent and bloody again! “The Walking Dead” is back! In last night’s episode, we finally found out whether either or both of the redneck brothers made it out of the Governor’s demented zombie cock fight alive, if Andrea has grown a brain, and whether or not new arrivals to the prison, Tyreese and his crew, can be trusted. Also, mad zombie brains exploding everywhere, as per usual. Click onward for a full recap with plenty of clips!

Merle and Daryl get by with a little help from their, well, Daryl’s friends, when Rick and Co. come back, tear gas and guns in hand, to rescue them from the Governor’s brutal test of loyalty — though they each deliver a few nasty blows to the other, either out of real anger or to buy themselves some time, I couldn’t tell. Andrea, meanwhile, is as confused as ever. Her precious Governor, who she was so quick to trust despite the fact that he’s an obvious power-hungry creepster, was holding Daryl captive?! But whyyyyy? Daryl and Merle take off with Rick, who doesn’t notice Andrea amongst the Gov’s people. Boohoo.

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And, as expected, Rick is not stoked on the idea of adding four more to their group, despite the fact that the Gov is no doubt intent on revenge and that they’ll need as many friends as they can to escape his crazy ass wrath. Even G-Pa One Leg tells Rick he’s wrong on this one. But before Rick can respond, he looks up and see a shadowy figure in the rafters. It’s Lori, his only-been-dead-for-a-week (seriously, time moves extra slow on “The Walking Dead”) wife. Rick starts freaking out and no one knows what to do but to tell Tyreese and his group to leave before Rick goes completely postal on them.

Real talk: it’s long past time for Rick to be demoted. Dude is not right in the head and being in charge of everyone is just making things worse. I nominate anyone but Carl for the job.