The Best Moments From The 2013 Grammy Awards In GIFs & Pics

Did you catch last night’s Grammy Awards? No? No worries, I’ve got you covered. Here are the best moments from music’s biggest/most overrated night in GIFs and pics!

On the red carpet, Ryan Seacrest had a Herb Welch moment.

The Grammys marks the anniversary of the day after Chris Brown beat the crap out of Rihanna. The twosome celebrated by attending this year’s Grammys together. Barf.

Taylor Swift opened the show, performing her hit “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” and tweens on the interwebs went nuts when TayTay did a British accent in an obvious reference to ex Harry Styles.

J. Lo and Pitbull came out to present the first award for Best Solo Performance — which went to adorable as ever Adele — and J. Lo pulled an Angelina with that leg.

Katy Perry sat with boyfriend John Mayer during the show, but walked the red carpet with just her girls.

Here they are, semi-rocking out.

Ellen was impressed with Katy’s dress too.

Frank Ocean beat Chris Brown in the Best Urban Contemporary Album category, and everyone in the audience stood up to give him a standing ovation…

…except Chris Brown, that is, further proving his reputation as a cold bowl of dicks. Even Adele is throwing Chris shade for being rude.

Frank gave a humble speech, thanking his mom for his support. Oh look, there’s Tyler the Creator, photobombing in a Tony the Tiger shirt!

Eek, and Earl Sweatshirt was there too!

Taylor Swift basically had the time of her life, dancing up a storm.

She air-conducted too!

When fun. won for Best New Artist (even though they’ve been a band for, like, 11 years), they were so excited they thanked everyone, including Jay-Z…

…who was more than happy to accept their gratitude.

Speaking of Jay, there’s Bey!

While Beyonce was on stage to introduce Justin Timberlake, their spouses shared a toast.

Then Jay-Z put down his glass and joined JT on stage for a sepia-toned performance of Justin’s new song “Suit & Tie.”

P.S. Just listening to Justin’s voice gets me pregnant.

Dance, Taylor, dance!

What else? Jack White rocked out, had early ’90s girl hair.

Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Ziggy Marley performed a tribute to Bob Marley. No weed was smoked on stage, unfortunately.

Alicia Keys and Maroon 5 performed that godawful song “Girl On Fire,” which made my ears burn and not in a good way, and Alicia, for some reason, pounded on these drums.

Carrie Underwood wore a ballgown with images project onto it. The dress was far more interesting than her performance.

Prince — PRINNNNNNNCEEEEE!!!!!! — strutted out LIKE A BOSS and presented an award to Gotye and Kimbra for their song “Somebody That I Used To Know.” He also commented that he really liked the song, which is way better than a Grammy any day.

Lastly, Frank Ocean gave an interesting performance of his song “Forrest Gump.” Visually it was amazing, though some people thought he was out of key. Julie and I both loved its authenticity. Frank Ocean forever.

Other things happened too: Mumford & Sons won Album of the Year, Miguel and Wiz Khalifa performed and it was sexy as hell, and there was a great tribute to Levon Helm. Considering how horrifically boring the Grammys usually are, I thought this year’s show was pretty solid. What did you think?