“Girls” Goes To Fantasy Land

So how about last night’s “Girls” huh? It was definitely one of the weirder episode of the season and I half-expected Hannah to wake up at the end of the episode to realize her dalliance with a sexy older man (played by Patrick Wilson) was but a dream. Kudos to Lena Dunham for casting such a hottie in the series’ possibly most naked episode. At this point, I’m pretty sure I know Dunham’s breasts better than my own.

Anyway, the episode starts with Wilson’s character Joshua coming into Grumpy’s and complaining that someone from the coffee shop is using his trash can for disposing of their garbage. Hannah eventually stops by his house and admits to being the culprit. She initially started dumping Grumpy’s trash in his can because she lost the key to the dumpster and didn’t want to tell Ray. Then she kept using Josh’s dumpster because they liked how the illicitness of it made her feel. All this talk about naughtiness must have gotten both Hannah and Joshua in a tizzy because pretty soon they were fucking in his kitchen. NSFW clip above!

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This was not to be just a one-time hookup however. Hannah ends up spending the weekend in recently separated Joshua’s incredibly swank (for Brooklyn) brownstone, eating steak and playing naked ping-pong and screwing some more. It’s a slice of a seemingly perfect life. But when Hannah faints in Joshua’s steam-filled shower, her sudden vulnerability in front of Joshua brings reality back into focus. She opens up to him — in her typically self-absorbed, “I’m a voice of a generation” way — about her realization that she just wants to be happy, despite having thought she didn’t actually need happiness as much as she needed “experiences.” He doesn’t get it, or her, and all the hours spent together previously are overshadowed by the disconnect between them. You don’t have to like Hannah to relate to that sudden feeling of disconnection and loneliness where there had been intimacy. Hannah eventually leaves Joshua’s apartment and we’re left wondering if they’ll ever see each other again, or if this was just weekend they’ll both look back on and wonder if it was real.

P.S. That romper Hannah is wearing deserves a special shout out. Rompers are, for the most part, terrible, but this has to be the world’s most unflattering romper ever worn.