Female Criminal Gets Fined For Bedazzling Her Ankle Cuff

Rebecca Gallanagh, who earned herself an ankle bracelet after being arrested for fighting outside of a nightclub, says she didn’t realize she was doing anything wrong when she decided to use nail glue to bedazzle the bracelet with diamantes.

“The lady who fitted the item said she saw a girl from ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ who had blinged her tag, and she said I could do that … I saw pictures of it online and checked the leaflet, and nowhere did it say I couldn’t decorate it,” Gallanagh claimed.

But when it came time to get fitted with a new anklet, she found herself back in court. The judge found her guilty of a “very serious offense” for compromising the “integrity” of the device with her bedazzling. Gallanagh was fined nearly $200 for defiling her TAG. Naturally, she doesn’t agree with the court’s ruling.

“I wouldn’t have wasted my time doing it if I knew I was going to be fined for it, I didn’t touch the sensor, it was still working and I was being monitored … I did it to make me feel better about wearing it. I was quite proud of it. I like to bling things up, and wear blingy clothes and watches. It just matched my style,” she said.

Maybe I’m missing something here, but it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to bling out your ankle cuff as long as it’s still working. Does it? I’m surprised that Lindsay Lohan didn’t try something like that. [Daily Mail UK]