Must Haves: 12 Pieces Of Victorian Mourning Jewelry

Okay, so Victorian mourning jewelry isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But some of it is prettttty cool. The Victorians were totally obsessed with death. Take Queen Victoria. After her hubby died, she wore black for the rest of her life, and slept with a cast of her husband’s arm. Yeah, not weird at all. Victorians commemorated their passed love ones in a variety of ways — through mourning photography (of you and your recently dead person!) and special mourning jewelry. The style of jewelry was created in part because Victorians thought it was uncouth to wear flashy jewels when you were in mourning, so much of the jewelry is simple and elegant, and made of unusual materials like celluloid and vulcanite. Sometimes, Victorians would snip lockets of their loved ones’ hair and incorporate it into the piece–which makes mourning jewelry the perfect accessory for watching “Beetlejuice” and listening to Smiths records.

Because of its unusual materials, mourning jewelry makes a definite statement. Check out 12 gorgeous pieces after the jump!

1. Celluloid Victorian Mourning Pendant, $50
2. Green Lady Pendant, $35
3. Cameo Locket, $95
4. Vulcanite Rose Brooch, $89
5. French Lily Vulcanite Brooch, $80
6. Victorian Vulcanite Mourning Brooch, $65
7. Victorian Vulcanite Scroll Brooch, $90
8. Vulcanite Dress Buckle Necklace, $265
9. Vulcanite Mourning Locket, $30
10. Victorian Vulcanite Mourning Locket, $125
11. Arrows and Fan Vulcanite Brooch, $70
12. Victorian Locket With Floral Detail, $180