19 GIFs Illustrating The Plethora Of Emotions We Go Through Leading Up To Valentine’s Day

Oh, Valentine’s Day. It’s like, as a woman, you’re required to have some sort of feeling about it. Wait, a feeling? But we have so many! Here are a but a few…

When a PR company sends chocolate roses and feminine wipes “in time for Valentine’s Day.”

When a married mom friend calls and asks if we can babysit so she and her husband can go to dinner because “You’re obviously free, right?”

When my boyfriend tells me he forgot about Valentine’s Day and I got him a present and everything.

When my significant other buys me a V-Day present he clearly wanted for himself.

When my V-Day date pays for himself, but not for me.

When my best friend tells me her boyfriend did the “sweetest thing everrrrr.”

When my mom asks me why I’m spending V-Day alone.

When you open the mail on Valentine’s Day and realize someone send you a card…

And then you realize it’s from your Dad.

When my coworker won’t shut up about the two dozen roses her boyfriend sent to the office.

When friends post about their V-Day plans on Facebook.

When my sexy lingerie is riding up my butt like whoa.

When I see drunk girls crying at the bar.

When someone claims to think Valentine’s Day is meaningless but won’t shut the fuck up about it.

When I get invited to another single girls Valentine’s Day party and want to die.

When my boyfriend dumps me on VDay.

When the person I miss doesn’t contact me…

…but then he finally sends a “Happy Valentine’s Day” text!

When chocolate is 75 percent off on February 15th.