10 Dumb Lies Women Tell Men

Men and women only really “communicate” in the movies. Especially in terrible Meg Ryan chick flicks, where all the men are sensitive and all the women have pouty lips. In Hollywood’s fantasylands men and women sit down, stare into each others eyes and tell it like it is.

In reality, both genders generally just lie to one another. Usually, honesty is the best policy, but sometimes a lie is just a heavily-sedated, declawed truth. Lying can be a great way for couples to bury issues, foster resentment and add to the cloud of general misunderstanding that hovers between them! The problem here is that women are just so much better at it than men. Maybe it’s because women are smarter than men, or maybe it’s because men just have problems with words. 

Are you a man who thinks you’ve been lied to? Are you a woman looking for a new lie to tell your man? The truth is out— here’s a list of 10 dumb lies women tell their men to avoid having to actually tell them what’s up. Read more…