Nerd Alert: New “Star Trek Into Darkness” Images & Ryan Gosling Makes Nerd Dreams Come True

  • New batch of “Star Trek Into Darkness” images! [The Mary Sue]
  • And here’s a clip from “The Walking Dead,” which returns this Sunday, thank god. [The Mary Sue]
  • The legendary Hollywood makeup artist responsible for, among other things, Yoda from “Star Wars” has passed away. [Newser]
  • George R.R. Martin, who wrote Game of Thrones, has been signed to a two-year deal with HBO which include developing additional projects for the network. Squee! [Newser]
  • Don’t worry or anything, but there’s an asteroid headed this way and it’s just barely going to miss hitting Earth. [Newser]
  • Attention “Dr, Who” fans! Ryan Gosling has cast Matt Smith in his directorial debut, “How To Catch A Monster.” [Next Movie]
  • Imagining the possibilities for a “Star Wars” spinoff movie about Han Solo … Han goes to prom? [Next Movie]
  • Would you take sex advice from “Park and Rec”‘s Ron Swanson? [Nerve]