Lizzy Caplan Stars In A Perfect Parody Of Fashion Films

Here’s a confession for the books: despite my fondness for all things fashion, I hate to watch “fashion films.” It’s not because they aren’t aesthetically lovely (they are) or because I don’t want to know about the latest, hippest song that will be on everyone’s iPods come Fashion Week (I might). Honestly, these kinds of videos just sort of make me feel bad about myself — they invariably star some ethereal, flower-sniffing, French-speaking manic pixie dream girl whose lean, coltish thighs do not touch under any circumstances, wearing gorgeous clothes that look absolutely incredible on her and that I could afford only in my dreams. It’s all so wildly unrealistic — and, yes, aspirational — that it makes me want to laugh, right after I finish crying about my tragically unglamorous life.

Vena Cava, the quirky cool-girl line beloved by celebrities and edgy downtown darlings alike, figured out the formula for creating a truly unique fashion film unlike any other, and it includes a strong dose of tongue-in-cheek humor. Entitled “Fashion Film,” the video pokes fun at the kind of ad campaign that makes you want to cash in your closet for an Anthropologie catalogue and a Francoise Hardy record — and who better to star in the irreverent, subtly hilarious clip than the similarly irreverent, subtly hilarious Lizzy Caplan? “Fashion Film” is totally spot-on, and it’s reassuring to know that there’s one brand out there that doesn’t take itself soooooooo seriously. [Fashionista]