Japanese Dudes Can Insure Themselves Against Loneliness This Valentine’s Day

Whoever has no house will not build one anymore/ Whoever is alone now will remain so for a long time. This somber verse is not mine. It was written by the great Rainer Maria Rilke. I am just appropriating them for those who are single this Valentine’s Day.  If you don’t have a date, you won’t. If you’re alone this February, you will remain so for a long time. A long time, meaning at least until February 15. I’m not trying to be a downer. It’s just, who wants all the pressure of going on a first date in the next week? Not I. A Japanese company, offering Valentine’s Day Insurance, seems to get this.

For the reasonable price of  about $5.50 US dollars, men can go to the Valentine’s Day Insurance website and purchase a policy that guarantees that they’ll receive a package containing chocolates and a personal message from a beautiful woman named “Rieko” on February 14th. If Rieko is a real woman,  boy is she going to be busy next week! Before you go getting indignant that there are no such insurance policies available for the lonely women of Japan, settle down. It’s customary there for only the men to receive gifts. Gosh, that makes so much more sense since typically women are better at gift buying/harder to shop for. Can we make that happen here? [Oddity Central]