The Source Family Is Probably Not Much Like Your Family

The psychedelic ’60s and ’70s seemed like a sweet time to be a cult leader. Case in point: Father Yod, the legendary leader of the Source Family, a Los Angeles cult, a guy who gave himself multiple wives and was chauffered around in a Rolls-Royce. The Father preached peace, love and psychedelics, and spread the word on his solo records and through his band Yo Ho Wah 13. And dude rocked a sweet flowing beard. Yod — real name James Baker — had been a highly decorated Marine in his former life, and as the head of the Source Family, opened the first vegetarian restaurant, called Source Restaurant, in L.A. Plus, he has a pretty epic death story. In 1975, he attempted to hang glide off a 1,300-foot cliff, even though he had no previous hang-gliding experience. He crash landed (could have seen that one coming) and died several hours later. This new documentary about Yod and his followers, “The Source Family,” will be out this May. [BoingBoing]