“The Bachelor” Recap: Tierra Almost Freezes To Death & One Woman Is Sent Home Before The Rose Ceremony

Two episodes of “The Bachelor” in one week? Cat lady Christmas has come early this year! I’m not sure why ABC felt these two episodes were climactic enough to warrant back to back airings, but I’m not complaining. On Monday’s episode, Tierra The Tierrable established herself not only as this season’s villain, but its resident bunny boiler as well. So, was she any more Tierrafying in last night’s episode? Let’s find out!

Our lovelorn crew has been relocated to colder temperatures in Canada, where Catherine finds out she’s the recipient of the first (of two) one-on-one dates this week. Catherine and Sean have had good chemistry thus far and she’s managed to steer clear of all the drama in the house, earning her high marks in my book. But how will she handle a date on a glacier. Side note: every single date in the episode supports my ongoing theory that Sean’s real strategy this season is to put every woman in harm’s way and whoever makes it out alive at the very end wins the final rose. I imagine the finale will include a fight to the death over a fire pit or something. Picnicking on a cold ass icy glacier isn’t really my idea of a good time, but I prefer temperatures over 90 degrees.

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AshLee also has something up her sleeve. She knows she needs to let down her guard with Sean, but it’s hard for her to do, given her unwanted childhood (she was adopted, remember?). So she has Sean put a blindfold on her (???) and tells him she trusts him to take her wherever he wants to go. He carries her, fireman style, ugh, to a bench, where they makeout. This kiss feels different to AshLee because she really let her guard down. This makes me want to hurl, but I like AshLee so I’ll get over her weird 50 Shades Of Grey trust exercise.

Time to hand out the remaining roses! Des, Catherine, and Lesley already have roses, and the remaining roses go to … Lindsay, AshLee and … Tierra. Daniella — who never even got a single one-on-one date — and Selma — who brought shame upon her family for what again? — are sent home. I’m surprised and disappointed Selma didn’t make it farther, if only because her hometown would have been amaaaaaazing. Oh wellz.