Shopping Guide: 12 Colorful Heishi Bead Bracelets And Necklaces

Heishi beads are a traditionan African bead made from vulcanized rubber, which is why they’re often referred to as vulcanite beads. Although they come in more of a standard bead form, I’m particularly partial to these little disks. The vibrant colors are mega-cool and can serve to excite an otherwise kind of staid outfit. Plus, they’re really fun to play with absentmindedly while you’re reading or plotting your world domination or whatever. Check out 12 cool heishi bead pieces after the jump!

1. Red Stretch Bracelet, $44
2. Four Strand Vintage Vulcanite Necklace, $160
3. Kenyan Batik Cow Bone and Vulcanite Necklace and Earrings, $40
4. Red African Vulcanite With Silver Prayer Beads, $38
5. African Vulcanized Vinyl Heishi Bead Necklace, $28
6. The FFS Vulcanite and Brass Bracelet, $90
7. The FFS Vulcanite, Stone and Druzy Necklace, $270
8. Contemporary Black Vulcanite Bracelet, $44
9. Lava Bead and Vulcanite Bracelet, $45
10. Red Trade Bead Necklace, $32
11. Modern Tribe Necklace With Vulcanite And Brass Nuggets, $63.50
12. Vulcanite Necklace And Earring Set, $64.95

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