An Affair Selena Gomez Would Like To Forget: Bieber and Rihanna

  • The reason Selena Gomez ended relationship with Justin Bieber: Rihanna!  Makes you question Rihanna’s taste in men, right? (Also, this picture was taken many years ago … but it is still how we imagine The Biebs in our  mind.) [Life & Style Weekly]
  • The Grammy’s has finally caught up to fact that the night is not just about music but also outrageous outfits (i.e. Lady Gaga decked out in meat).  This year they have released a hilarious “Wardrobe Advisory” to preempt malfunctions. And, um, smells. [Crushable]
  • 30 fun facts you didn’t know about Tina Fey. [Complex]
  • The more Beyoncé wants BuzzFeed to remove unflattering Super Bowl halftime pictures, the more I want to see them over and over again.  Beyoncé, chill you’re beautiful. [PopBytes]
  • We have to wait until February 19, when Kate Middleton will be back from her and Will’s “babymoon,” for our first official  glimpse of the royal baby bump! [ The Cut]
  • And for today’s let down: the Playboy Mansion’s swag is kind of crappy and depressing. [Vice]
  • Julia Stiles is set to play Frances Marion, the first woman to win an Oscar for best adapted screenplay, in a new movie “The First.” [IndieWire]
  • We get a full “Star Wars” flick about Yoda and now — be still my heart — possibly Han Solo too! [ Vulture]

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