We’re Breaking Up: Republican Who Tweeted Racist Remarks About Trayvon Martin During The Super Bowl

Dear Todd Kincannon,

I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but we’re breaking up. You’re the former executive director of the your state’s Republican Party. I can appreciate a strong fiscal policy. You live in South Carolina. I hear Charleston is lovely at any time of year. You know how to use Twitter. That’s always a plus for a social media user like myself.

But then you tweeted a whole buttload of racist tweets about Trayvon Martin, the unarmed black teenager who was shot to death last year.  And that shit ain’t cool.

You didn’t enjoy the Super Bowl on Sunday night, which is fine. But then you disparaged the name of a dead child, insinuating he would have been a dick-sucking drug addict had he not been murdered:


But that was not all!

Of course, later you had to insist these tweets weren’t racist. (Just like when you called Nancy Pelosi the C-word on Twitter and huffed that people needed to learn how to take a joke.) Obviously the fact Trayvon Martin was black had nothing to do with why he was murdered:

Uh huh. You even went on HuffPost Live last night and blasted Trayvon Martin as a “thug” and a “criminal.” Why, “He tweeted about drug use,” you whined. Yes, it’s true that Martin allegedly had THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) in his system when he was killed. (You don’t seem like the type who keeps up on the news, but you might want to know that marijuana is legal, both for medical and recreational use, in several states right now.) When Twitter users called you out for your ignorance, you showed them what was what. So humble you are:

  And even pointed out that you make fun of dead white people, too:

Sadly, it was never meant to be between you and I — not just because you don’t seem to like black folks too much but because you also hate, haaaaate, Yankees:

Oh, and the fact that some right-wing Twitter troll supposedly has pics of your dick doesn’t help.

It’s over.


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