Oh Deer God: Antlers As A Bridal Accessory

There have been some pretty “quirky” wedding trends recently. There’s the trend of making wedding photos look purposefully washed out, as though they were taken with a 1970’s toy camera. There’s the trend of using mason jars as wine glasses, candle holders or table centerpieces– really, anything that you can put something in will be put in a mason jar. The was even a “500 Days Of Summer“-themed wedding.

Some wedding fashion trends we’ve seen on our beloved Pinterest are Converse sneakers for the groom and groomsmen (sometimes brides and bridesmaids), less ornate wedding gowns (moving more towards wedding dresses), and flowered hair accessories.

Or, for only $325, you can put antlers on your head.

Specifically, this “bridal mini hat.” Made by Fine & Fleurie, this headpiece boasts “three handmade silk habotai flowers” but more interestingly, “a set of handmade sculpted antlers.” Antlers. Like on a deer. And on your head. On your wedding.

To be fair, they realize this isn’t for everyone, noting, “this is a great piece for a fearless, whimsical bride.”

I can kind of see who would wear this. She’s tall, very thin, and has lovely natural blond hair that cascades over her shoulders, freaking cascading everywhere. She has bangs. She smokes American Spirit cigarettes. She models for cool clothing companies like “Nasty Gal.” She’s taking up the ukulele. No one is really sure what her job is. She drinks apricot beer. People think she’s a bitch, but she’s not. She loves tea. She has a bike that looks vintage but isn’t. It sits in the corner of her apartment and is never used.

Or she’s Helena Bonham Carter. [Fine & Fleurie]