Frisky Q&A: Voodoo Priestess Bloody Mary Talks Hoodoo, Hexes & How To Find True Love

If your love life is looking staler than that three day-old French bread you’re saving for a fondue party, you’re in luck. Your Valentine’s Day prayers just might be answered. I don’t know about you, but when I’m stuck in a rut (to quote The Darkness), I like to shake it up. That’s why I took it upon myself to talk to Bloody Mary, a voodoo priestess for over 20 years now. She’s seen it all; from crazy ass food-stealing ghosts to people losing limbs from hexes. OK, just kidding, she hasn’t seen all that. But she has seen and done enough to dish the dirt on voodoo, hoodoo, and how to invite more love into your life. 

The Frisky: How did you become a voodoo priestess?

Bloody Mary: The spirits requested it. Since receiving my calling, I’ve studied the religion thorough a series of apprenticeships and initiations.

TF: What’s the difference between hoodoo and voodoo? Do they both include casting spells and poking a bunch of dolls?

BM: Voodoo is a religion. You dance, you drum, you serve the spirit, you feed the spirit. Any of the spell work, that’s on the side. That’s hoodoo. It’s a part of it but not the main part of the religion.

TF: So let’s get to the good stuff. Love spells! Can I conjure up a Brad Pitt “Legends of the Fall”era look-a-like who’s amazing in bed and can strum love songs on a ukulele? 

BM: The area of love is the number one reason that people come to me for help. But unfortunately most of people think there’s this magic thing that’s going to cure everything wrong in their relationship. It’s not about that.

TF: Why not?

BM: You might just be healing the symptom and not the underlying recurring issue. If you don’t fix the underlying problems to begin with, it’s not going to last long. You need to get down to the basics and ask, “Why do I keep doing this recurring stuff? Why do I keep attracting this?”

TF: OK, so what can people do?

BM: I have love potions that are handed down with recipes I make and perfumes that give an air of romance. Spells can be focused more on romance or more on communication or more on sexual activity. There’s also Mojo or Gris-Gris bags which are like spirit pouches to attract love.

TF: Does that mean anyone can conjure up spells at home?

BM: I don’t advise it. You can mix up something yourself but it wouldn’t be as strong as a priestess who knows the spirits that are involved in creating it.

TF: If someone wants to have a previous lover come back into their life how do you help them?

BM: It would depend on the situation. Why did they break up? Were they supposed to be together anyway? The main problem I find with people is that they call when they’re desperate. They think that person is the only one out there for them and they’re limiting their field. If it’s the wrong person and they won’t let go they’re blocking their own channels of what could come to them.

TF: Haven’t we all been there? So, fixating on the wrong person is like psychically constipating your love life. Noted. Moving on to something more positive, how can people use voodoo or hoodoo to invite love into their lives?

BM: Open up to spirit and believe there is someone for you. You can call it in with a candle. Use a pink candle for romance or a red one for passion. You can anoint it with extra-virgin olive oil in lieu of a love potion. And you can scratch into the candle the words: “True Love” and then your name and the words “True Love.” Let the candle burn and re-light that every day for 7 days. Focus on that you want to be in the right relationship and the person you want to come to you.

TF: What if I really need to clear out the past first?

BM: Rosemary cleanses any negative vibrations from relationships and hurts. Cooking with rosemary, preparing your meal on Valentine ’s Day with rosemary and as you’re putting it in the meal and focus as you’re crumbling it into whatever you’re making.

TF: Rosemary sounds magical. Is there anything else rosemary can do?

BM: Throw it in the path so your lover walks over it in the middle of a fight. I’ve done that many times. It’s funny how it just stops. You know it works better for some people than it works for others, of course, it depends on what the hell the fight’s about.

TF: What if it’s not just the past in general, but a specific person you need to forget about? 

BM: Fold away the problems that you don’t want to come into a new relationship. Get rid of jealousy and fear. Burn them away in one of those candles that take away bad vibrations. Write it down on paper. You’re not trying to get rid of the person, you’re trying to get rid of the things that will come in and interfere with the future.

TF: Can hoodoo make someone like me if they don’t? Like that really bad movie “When in Rome” with Josh Duhamel and Kristen Bell?

BM: You’re not supposed to try to change someone’s will. If there’s someone that’s shy and you want to date, it won’t do any harm. But if you’re doing it and they’re married or if you’re trying to break someone up it might work for a little while, but the repercussions will come.

TF: But what if you meet someone who is taken and you have insane chemistry with them?  

BM: Just because we meet someone that there’s that connection with, it doesn’t mean you have to be with them sexually. It’s just good that you met him or her because soul families have a tendency to be born again together. In other words, just because you want to pull someone’s pants off it doesn’t mean that person is going to be your one and only. There are other people who grow on you like mold on bread and you end up falling for them. Love is a tricky bastard.

TF: How do you feel about hexes? I’ve got some serious assholes in my past. Can I put a hex on them or is that just bad karma?

BM: No, what you’re doing is you’re giving them your energy by holding that grudge and that’s where you’re blocking the new stuff because you’re focusing on that revenge. I’ll never let anybody do a hex.

TF: Yeah, but what if that person was a total butthead?

BM: Don’t re-live rejection. Don’t re-live your past problems through the next one, hoping to understand it, you know. You might not realize you’re doing that but you’re doing it. Love isn’t always quick but quick isn’t always the best thing. You can get fast food anywhere but it might not be what you’re yearning for, right? It’s not going to nourish you. You got to have the strength and faith that you’re worthy and that it doesn’t have to happen tomorrow.