Beauty Cues: Jessica Chastain’s Updated Black Liner Look

As a general rule, I shy away from black eyeliner on the lower lid; when used around the entirety of the eye, its eye-shrinking abilities are unrivaled. The only people who can pull it off, in my opinion, are those who are all-around ungodly beautiful (Angelina Jolie!) and those who have a naturally bigger, rounder eye shape that isn’t as easily overwhelmed by darkness. So when I saw this picture of Jessica Chastain at the Hollywood Reporter Nominees’ Night, I was beyond pleasantly surprised to find that she (or, well, her makeup artist) had discovered a way to wear thick black liner all around the eye without it dragging her entire look down. Here’s how…

  • NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Via Appia: The best way to wear black eyeliner all around the eye is… not to. That’s right: while Jessica is definitely wearing a thick line of black on the upper lid, her lower lid is actually lined in a gorgeous shimmery dark brown. Begin by drawing a thin line as close to the lashline as possible on the top lid with any creamy black pencil liner, thickening the line as it extends toward the outside of the eye and tapering out into a flick. Don’t worry about getting it perfect — just use a q-tip dipped in eye makeup remover to manipulate the flick into the shape you like. Then take your shimmery brown liner and trace the lower waterline (you can do this, I promise!) as thoroughly as possible. The moisture from the waterline should naturally cause the liner to bleed downward, but if it doesn’t, just follow the contour of your eye with the pencil as close to the lashline as possible. Clean up the line and blend it with a brush or just your finger to make it smokier and less harsh. Make sure the line you’ve created on the lower part of the eye meets the top line at the outer corner for a properly seductive look just like Jessica’s.
  • Buxom Stay-There Eye Shadow in Cocker Spaniel: The other integral part of brightening up this eye look, aside from the brown liner trick, is a pale, shimmery shadow on the eyelid — you’ll probably want to do this before you go in on the liner. This opalescent shade leans subtly pink, which will make your eye color and skin tone look brighter. Just be careful to keep the color only on the lid with a clean finish after the crease. You can use a tiny liner brush to run this shade over the bottom lashline, too, for extra sparkle.