It’s About Time: Chrysalis Lingerie Makes Underwear Specifically For Trans Women

Transgender women make up an ever-growing demographic, so it would make sense that new businesses would crop up to attend to their specific needs. Chrysalis Lingerie is special lingerie marketed to trans women, and it comes complete with a power-mesh panel that’s designed to create a seamless effect, so that those who wish to “pass” as women can adequately tuck in their male genitalia. 

Similarly, the bra comes with hidden pockets that “hold full-cup inserts” to create the appearance of breasts (seems like this might be a useful invention for breast cancer survivors and women who have had mastectomies for a variety of reasons, too). All of the Chrysalis lingerie models are transgender.

“I wanted a product that actually celebrated who we are, something that made us feel beautiful but is also practical,” says Chrysalis designer Cy Lauz. “We’re done hiding. We’re done keeping quiet. We are a very diverse community, we do exist, and we have explicit needs.” [Lingerie Talk]

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