Beauty Test Drive: Drew Barrymore’s Flower Powder Foundation

I came really late to the powder foundation game. I remember all these girls way back in high school with their little Cover Girl compacts. But me, I’ve usually kicked it old school with regular foundation and then set it with powder. Why I did this, I don’t know. It involved twice as many brushes to get dirty and I’ve never really liked the flaky way powder sits on my skin.

But I think that’s all changed now with the new powder foundation I’ve been using from Drew Barrymore’s Flower line with Walmart. I’ve already kvelled about her Flower lip butter. Turns out that I’m also a big fan of her creamy powder foundation. My fabulous Beauty Test Drive pal Winona claims “obsessed” with her Jane Iredale powder foundation — but Flower’s powder foundation does not come with the same $52 price tag!

Price/Availability: $9.98, and select Walmart stores

Packaging: Flower Powder Foundation comes in a plastic snap-open case and has a small brush inside.  Usually brushes that come with makeup are cheap and kinda crappy; this one is no better or worse than any others. But to be fair, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the quality of all the Flower products that I’ve been test driving, considering inexpensive Walmart goods are not known for their high quality.

Formula: This is creamy and easy to apply. Unlike regular foundations that look like paint or regular powders which appear flaky and obvious on dry skin, this blends right in. As Winona explained in her review of the pricier Jane Iredale product, it “does the work of 3 or 4 different products.” According to Walmart’s web site, this powder foundation uses brown seaweed extract to make skin more supple.

Wear Time: Wear time for the Powder Foundation is surprisingly long, just like it was for the Lip Butter. I only have to touch up perhaps once in the late afternoon on my trouble spots (sides of my nose, chin) where I have the most redness.  Otherwise, this stays on all day.

Overall: I’m a fan and a new convert to the ease powder foundation. After the heavy bottles of regular foundation that I’ve been using run out, I probably won’t bother with them again.

I do have one complaint, however: the skin tone colors offered by Flower all appear to be for Caucasians or lighter-skinned people of color. In this day and age, it is just plain unacceptable to not offer products in the full spectrum of the world’s skintones. (A quick look of products on the Flower site show there are some darker-skinned BB creams, foundations, and foundation sticks, but for some reason the powder foundations are on the paler side.)

Rating: 5/5

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