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Awkward backstory: I was making this playlist and asked a bunch of friends to suggest their favorite “sexy vocalists”. This is a weird category, of course, because it’s not necessarily about a song being about sex, per se; it’s about vocalists who just sound super sexy, with voices full of aching and longing (or whatever). It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re physically attractive (see also: Serge Gainsbourg). I compiled a pretty major list featuring some of my faves — like the Jesus and Mary Chain, Margot & The Nuclear So & Sos (worst band name, great band, though), Pulp and Dean Wareham from Luna — and then a friend suggested Bill Ricchini, who happens to be a dude I actually know. It’s weird to have friends with super sexy singing voices, no? In any case, I am really proud of this super sexy mix and hope you like! Share your favorite super sexy vocalists in the comments, mmkay?

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