Walmart Reportedly Fires Employee For Saving Dog

A Walmart employee in Hermiston, Oregon, was reportedly fired after she attempted to save a starving dog that had wandered into the superstore. According to an article written by Cindy Marabito at the, the dog was seen wandering around the store in an obviously malnourished state. But when the employee attempted to corral the dog and call a rescue organization, the manager on duty reportedly “told her she needed to put the puppy back outside.” According to the Examiner, he then “told her she was ‘disgusting’ for holding the puppy in a check stand.” 

Walmart contacted The Frisky and denied that the employee was ever fired. But in an email to Huffington Post, Marabito — the reporter on the Examiner story — said that the unnamed worker has since been given three days paid leave, and will have her position reinstated.

Regardless of what went down at Walmart, the puppy — named Sprout, pictured above — is now in good hands. Sprout was picked up by a local rescue group and is in better health since the incident.  [ExaminerHuffington Post]

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