Prince Harry’s Party-Hardy Vegas Gal Pal Carrie Reichert Is Writing A 500-Page Tell-All Book

The whole world Frisky office has been waiting on bated breath for details about Prince Harry’s Las Vegas romp with (dare I say it?!?) a commoner.  Forty-year-old blonde (natch) beautician Carrie Reichert is the lucky lady Harry hooked up with after stripping his clothes off in his $8,000 Vegas hotel room this August. Now the British-born San Diego resident is ready to spill the Marmite, er, beans in a 500-page tell-all.

The Frisky’s first question was what she could possibly need 500 pages to say. Her romp with Hot Ginge only included kissing and a “drunken fumble,” she told the British tabloid the UK Mirror. One night with Prince Harry shouldn’t require more than a tell-all pamphlet, should it?

But upon further investigation, Carrie Reichart is something of a professional celeb-hanger-on-er.  Most of us would call this type of person a “pathetic wannabe.” But then again, most of us haven’t gotten to hang out with Jude Law, Tiger Woods (uh oh), Mick Jagger (double uh oh), Jack Nicholson (triple uh oh), Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Her spokesperson has darkly warned, “There may be some stars quaking in their boots when this is published.”

However, Reichert originally claimed to be 32 and is actually 40. So maybe we’ll take some of her stories with a grain of salt.

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