Baby-Making Music: Russian Prez Vladimir Putin Hires Boys II Men To Help Russians Get It On

We couldn’t even make this up if we tried: Russian president Vladimir Putin has brought in the big guns to get Russia’s population on the upswing, and has hired Boyz II Men — yes, of “I’ll Make Love To You” fame — to play in the country on February 6. According to the Moscow Times, “President Vladimir Putin’s crusade to raise the country’s birth rate is set to get the support of three powerful voices on its behalf.” You see, Putin believes that the key to regaining Russian super power status is to get the birthrate up. He wants everybody in Russia to make at least three babies, and in 2007 he declared an official “Day of Conception” (which will be preettttty awkward at the hospital nine months later). And clearly Boyz II Men sings the perfect baby-making music.

So what does Boyz II Men think about Russia? “We feel really fortunate every time we visit Russia,” the group said. “It’s a beautiful country! We love our Russian fans, and we love the beautiful scenery in Moscow!” Ah yes, the beautiful scenery. No word on how the group feels about their status as Russia’s National Baby-Making Musical Group, probably because they’re too busy planning for their upcoming tour with New Kids on the Block (!) and 98 Degrees. [Moscow Times]