30 Gratuitous Nicholas Hoult GIFs For Your Viewing Pleasure

You guys, I have a problem, and it is Nicholas Hoult. Let me preface this by saying that I generally do not foster celebrity crushes, because I have as much of a chance of getting with a celebrity as I do of getting with a fictional character or, like, a ghost. Especially one as universally appealing and charming and tall and British and nnnngghghhghduhfg as Nicholas Hoult. But I’ve been crushing on the guy since he was sexy sociopath (and brother of my eternal girl crush Effy) Tony Stonem on “Skins,” and my love was REAWAKENED after seeing his new zombie rom-com “Warm Bodies” — which is, by the way, totally adorable and actually pretty funny, but definitely could have used waaaaay more zombie dick. He is so, so cute, and it helps that he also seems like a real gentleman: he recently split with Jennifer Lawrence after two years of dating, and when reporters harassed him about her Oscar nom on a red carpet, he was mature and gracious enough to say that he was “very proud” and “rooting for her.” So sweet! Anyway, I figured I’d spend the majority of my day rounding up GIFs of him for your pleasure. You know, I was hesitant to do this post because it solidified my lot in life as a Nicholas Hoult fangirl and never Nicholas Hoult’s girlfriend, which is truly tragic, but I went ahead and did it anyway. Here are 30. I should be either canonized or committed. I have to go now, my keyboard is getting sweaty.

You know, us dancing. Slow dancing.

We get it. You’re charming.

Looking a bit uncomfortable.


Even zombies get chilly in the rain.

What are you putting in your mouth?


Looking pretty good whilst bespectacled.

Oh, really.

A little bit of tongue slippage.


Laughing on the red carpet.

Uggghhhh, so seductive. So film noir.

I love a man in a good collared shirt-sweater combo.


Potentially dangerous.

So dashing in a suit and tie.


Casually without shirt!


Just, like, partying.

Ohhhhhh man, would I hit.

A man after my own heart, spliff in hand.

I usually hate men in tank tops, but exceptions could be made. Possibly.

What lovely bone structure you have!

Tony Stonem goes hard in the water gun game.


Cutest. Zombie. Ever.

What do you think I am, some kind of pervert?