Tara Reid Hangs Out With Her Bizarre BFFs, Trades Hair Tips

The caption on this photo says “Tara Reid takes Jedward out on the town,” as if Jedward–who skyrocketed to ersatz-fame when they competed in Eurovision a few years ago–are her pet beagles or something. And maybe they are! She has hung out with them quite a lot. They’re Jedward after all, and I view Jedward with the same sort of fascination that Winona feels for Celine Dion. [I could be wrong, but I suspect Winona will take issue with you comparing Jedward to the greatest singer. In the world! — Editor] And, like, what do you imagine they talk about? Macaulay Culkin? Silk shirts? The ineffable disappointment you feel when your “American Pie” costars refuse to call you back? Regardless, I hope this Tara Reid/Jedward combo plays out to its inevitable end — which is a parody porno.  [Photo: Fame/Flynet]